profile pageHabitat Landscape Architects is set up to be flexible and competitive by drawing on a range of multidisciplinary independent specialists and experts.

We always take a strategic yet pragmatic perspective in selecting who we partner with to ensure that our core values remain.

Our core team has extensive knowledge and experience of planning, design, environmental management, project management and implementation within the local, national and international context. Our team dynamic enables excellence and is central to delivering on time and in budget.

Habitat Landscape Architects consist of a mix of senior, experienced staff and junior staff to ensure continued learning and knowledge sharing.

The projects we pursue touch on three important pillars


 Our core values and approach represents Habitat Landscape Architects as well as each individual’s highest priorities, deeply held beliefs and core, fundamental driving forces.

These values are the fundamental drivers of everything that we do.


From modest beginnings as an informal and later a formal partnership between Stefan du Toit and Siegwalt Küsel, Habitat Landscape Architects was founded in 2010 and has grown to a core team of 6 professionals.

Collectively our team is made up of a diverse range of individuals carefully selected for their individual expertise, experience, character, commitment, drive and the core values that we share.

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