services-page-imagefinalAt Habitat Landscape Architects we work both as lead consultants and as members of design and construction teams. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of landscape architectural and environmental services. This portfolio includes a range of planning and design services from initial conceptualisation through to implementation. All our projects fit in to three broad categories namely Landscape Architecture, Environmental Planning and Design, and Heritage Management and Development. We always apply a multidisciplinary, inclusionary and integrated approach to all projects, pursuing a structured and reiterative planning and design process. Throughout the project we meet regularly with the, project team, communities, interested and affected parties and the client. Throughout we benchmark with local, regional and international companies and institutions to ensure we remain current, strive for best practice and the best possible product. Our project strengths and interests lie in the following aspects: Rural context, community and social aspects, tourism, heritage, rehabilitation, brownfield sites, urban renewal and open space design

Our Responsibility

Habitat Landscape Architects take pride in its commitment to deliver a professional service with integrity. We are committed to act ethically, protect the environment and create an inclusive, safe and healthy working environment. We are also committed to support and involve the communities around our projects, create economic benefits, select reputable suppliers and treat employees fairly and with respect.

Skills Transfer Empowerment and Job Creation

Skills transfer, empowerment and job creation is at the core of our value system. We have a well-developed internal mentoring programme aimed at developing staff members.

Project Stages


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