We are a small core of individuals working as a team with a common passion, commitment and drive. We love to be creative, dream, develop visions for the present and future.

It is our passion and our mission to research and understand the people and environment we work with to ensure we connect culture with the environment.

"We have a positive outlook; We love to explore; We are always seeking; We are always asking; We are always learning; We want to understand context; We want to discover process ; We have to experience it like the locals;

We always seek a new or alternative route; Jumping the fence; Pushing the boundaries; Understanding and experiencing the flipside; Integrating the alternative perspective; Digging just a little deeper;

Going back for one more look; Never giving up; Making just one more improvement; Doing it differently; Enjoying the journey..."

By taking this journey we try to find the best possible contextual, sustainable and innovative solutions that allow us to create a relational environment between people, communities and the landscape.

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